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  • Diversity of bees in Uganda
    Uganda has over 150 species of bees distributed among five families; more remain to be documented or discovered. Publication coming soon
  • Pollination Economics:
    On-farm experiments on coffee and pumpkins show that bee pollination is invaluable for increasing yields, and quality of produce. An absence of pollination in certain crops will cause significant loss of income for those growing such crops.  Publication coming soon
  • Impact of Climate change on Bees and pollination services:
    Different bees will respond and adapt differently to the effects of climate change. Recent predictions indicate that stingless bees are vulnerable to climate change while honey bees may be more resilient. Publication coming soon
  • Impact of land-use change on bees:
    Changes in land-use from natural habitat to large-scale or monoculture farming and highly built up environments have an immediate and negative impact on bee communities. Publication coming soon

Adequate and timely pollination results in plenty of full-sized pumpkins.